• Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

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Like the wild flowers

Her seeds of sorrow

Pollinated by birds, bees and butterflies

Drenched the earth

Like the gentle rain.

Her silent sorrow

The music of the rain

This elemental dance

Of strange sapta swaras

Unheard, unsung

Saraswati's strumming

On her tongue.

Like the wild flowers

She remained

Embedded underground

Until one day

She bloomed

Such strange splendour.

A wordless knowing

From within Her

Emerged from

Silent spaces

Lingering inside Her

Crevices, cracks

Fissures, fractures


Cleaved her apart

Into million of stars

Sacred spaces within Her

That called the wild flowers from afar

Not many know of her sorrows,

Her struggles

Her strife

Her sunny smiles

Her camouflage

Her ally,

Nature's montage.

The wild flowers bloomed

From a grief

That tore her apart

It takes deep sorrow

To savour the ecstasy of joyous wonder

Deeply rooted in Her knowing

She bloomed like the wild flowers,

Rising stronger

Like never before

Soaring like the peregrine

A sacred wanderer

Draupadi's flowers

The wild flowers

Her Saugandhika

Her Kurukshetra

Her Dharmakshetra

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