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An experience worth a million stars…

We are poised on the cusp of a year that will be soon gone forever and another waiting to emerge.

I feel as mellow and reflective as the golden langurs…. The shy, elusive, gentle primates of the tree tops in the forests of North east India.

Pralay Lahiri, wildlifer and photographer, who had taken my friend Doyel and me on several trips to the wild, took us to Manas Wild life Sanctuary in February 2017. Every trip with Pralay was “an experience worth a million stars”—just as he would promise every time.

Sadly, Pralay or “Pralay da” as he was fondly known, passed away recently. I shall forever cherish the warmth of his friendship, the endless conversations on books and wildlife and simply, the joy of sharing space with a magnificent human being.

Did you have to go away so soon, Pralay?

The golden langurs miss you…

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